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"The Brothers Size" Dream Sequence Demo
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Photo credit - Buddy Myers

The Brothers Size

Terell Alvin McCraney

Dir: Tre Garrett

Jubilee Theater


This production was very haunting and raw, and I wanted to bring the audience into that as much as possible.  I used surround fx speakers, uneasy drones, distorted echoes, and more to put the audience on edge when needed, but then switch back to something more comfortable at a moment’s notice.  

The included Qlab scene follows the dream sequence of Oshoosi Size, one of two brothers in this play who has recently been released from prison. It includes multiple call backs to the sounds of his jail cell, mixed with the sounds of metal work at his brother’s auto shop. Important words were picked to be echoed, and these were recorded by the actors and then edited and played back in time to fill the theater with a reverberant and echoed sound. The dream crescendos to an end, and then takes the audience back to the real world as Oshoosi wakes up and heads to work at the auto shop. 


Angela Newby

The Column

"David Lanza’s sound design layered another dimension and helped bring the audience out of the play’s heavy content or back into the middle of the terrors portrayed."

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