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Photo credit - Elise Wattman

Photo credit - Zuilma Gonzalez

Peter and the Starcatcher

Rick Elice

Dir: Deborah Jung

Kids Who Care


This breakneck production took place entirely over the course of a 2 week summer camp with almost 100 kids.  In order to add to the overall motif of the play, we decided to use as much live music and live foley sound as possible.  Along with music director Elise Wattman, we created two “pit” areas on stage right and stage left that were filled with various instruments and noisemakers.  A rotating cast of student performers would play wind machines, slap blocks, percussion instruments, thunder sheets, washboards, crash boxes, and more. 


When needed, there were mics on stands on either side that could be processed to enhance the sound.  We also created some instruments by affixing wireless body mics to places such as the inside of a spring drum and the outside of a jug of water.  I was able to work with a student designer who sat at an auxiliary console and mixed all of the instruments and effects, while I handled the 26 wireless body mics.  All of this came together with recorded sounds to create a very whimsical and exciting soundscape that added to the show both aurally and visually. 

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