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Selected Install and Consultation Jobs

I have worked with many schools, churches, and organizations to help upgrade their sound systems, or offer advice on how to better utilize what they have.  Many times a few small tweaks or additions can make a world of difference.

All Saints Episcopal School

I have worked with ASES over the years to upgrade some of their audio equipment in stages.  Improvements include:

  • Upgraded and installed a new digital sound console, along with training for the staff and students

  • Swapped out equipment on a rack of wireless microphones that had been designed with mismatched gear causing poor performance.

  • Designed and installed a dressing room monitoring system, along with monitoring and a paging mic in the booth.

Arborlawn United Methodist Church

AUMC has a beautiful sanctuary with a well designed sound system, but over the years some of the settings and operations had fallen into a less than optimum condition.  I came in for a month of Sunday Services to mix the services myself and work with the volunteer sound operators to understand what issues needed fixing.  At the end of the month I was able to present a full list of recommendations to the church's staff.

Lily B Clayton Elementary

LBC had an auditorium sound system that was poorly tuned and difficult to operate.  Along with help from their PTA, I was able to make some improvements:

  • Upgrade to a digital sound board with saved presets for various events

  • Overall room tuning and board input optimization

  • Add front fills for more vocal clarity in the front rows

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