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The True Story of the Tragic Life and Triumphant Death of Julia Pastrana the Ugliest Woman In The World - Audio Version

Shaun Prendegast

Dir: Jonathan Fielding

Amphibian Stage Productions


Covid transformed what theater could be for so many people, and of the results was that I had the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite plays, but this time as an audio only version.  For a few days we turned Amphibian's vacant stage into 4 isolated recording booths. 

Production Document Examples

Mark Lowry 


"By taking away one of the major senses—sight—the others are heightened. The main beneficiary of this, of course, is hearing. The descriptions in the text are vivid, and the sound design (by David Lanza) adds to the event of a traveling circus with noises of trains, animals, crowds, crickets and various goings in the next tent over.” 


Jerome Weeks 

Art and Seek 

"The Amphibians wanted to use recorded sound effects sparingly, so most of these are done with hand-held devices, devices that can be moved around the audience, even into the audience. Lanza researched old-school theater and radio techniques. He built the wind machine, for instance. It’s basically a wooden barrel wrapped with a window shade. The shade rubs against the barrel when the barrel’s cranked." 

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