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Bank Job​

John Kolvenbach

Dir: Jessica Bauman

Amphibian Stage Productions


This production was the closest I’ve ever come to getting to score a classic spy movie!  In the play a group of bumbling would-be bank robbers are hiding out in the bathroom of the bank they are robbing.  Hijinks, of course, ensue.  The production opens with a long sequence of the robbers coming in and out of the bathroom and changing in and out of disguises, all without dialogue.  Once we made the choice to underscore this scene, the other musical themes in the show fell into place.  I was able to use ideas from the opening song to punctuate other moments throughout the show, giving it a cohesive feel.


LK Fletcher

The Column

"The technical aspects of the show were tight, clean and effective. Runaway convicts, police radios, gunfire and more were effective and believable, thanks to Sound Designer David Lanza is integrated delightfully throughout the show. It is playful and stylistic of Mancini’s Pink Panther scores and captures the essence of the story."

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